Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach beginners?

Yes! You can start at any level. Nobody is really a beginner at singing though, we've all done it one form or another for most of our lives.

Do you teach children?

Unfortunately I only teach adult students, but my partner, Daisy is a fantastic singing teacher who is great at teaching young people to sing. Get in touch to speak to her about arranging a lesson or two for your child!

Where are you?

I teach from my home in Reading, RG1 7YT, about two minutes walk from Reading West railway station. Click on the Google Map below to find out where I am based! My home teaching room is the perfect place to learn to sing - a relaxing, calm place to concentrate on your singing for an hour and forget about the world!

Singing Lessons Reading Map

What styles do you teach?

Any, although I specialise in musical theatre. I can help with classical music, but if you want a serious classical technique teacher, I would recommend another local teacher for this.

What should I bring?

Music, if you have some. Or ideas, or let me know what you like and I will have some ideas of my own. Basically, just bring you, anything more is a bonus!

Will I notice a difference immediately?

Probably. I really enjoy teaching and there is nothing better than being able to hear a difference after just one session. Of course, practice makes perfect, but it's good to be able to have the confidence that an improvement has already begun.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes! Get in touch for more information, they are perfect for birthday, Christmas and other presents!

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Learn to sing with confidence

I cover all styles, from rock and pop to musical theatre, and am passionate that my students learn through singing the songs that they love! So no matter of your musical tastes we will work on enabling you to sing with confidence, technique and style!

To book your first lessons today or simply find out more by calling 03455 087241 or sending me an email!

Professional Singing Lessons
Andy is a fantastic singing teacher based here in Reading! He taught me to singing with style and confidence through learning to sing the songs that I love. His friendly teaching style and relaxed approach to his lessons really put me at ease, enabling me to really start to sing!