Music Shops in Reading

Music Shops in Reading

 If you are looking for your first guitar, or your tenth, the music stores in Reading are something special. With enormous ranges of every instrument imaginable, to smaller stores with bargain prices on second-hand instruments, Singing Lessons Reading gives you a guide to what should be your first ports of call for a new purchase.

Dawsons Reading can be found at 65 Caversham Road, Reading, RG1 8AD, and is a part of the huge Dawson's music store that runs across the country. Dawson's Reading likes to be the groundstone for the musical pedigree that runs in the city, with this particular branch being the biggest in the country. As you can see from the picture, the guitar wall is the stuff of legend, with basically every guitar you could expect to want to play, with all the most trusted brands of acoustic, electric and even custom shop collectors' items. With two demo-rooms, Dawson's is the ideal place to get a feel for what might become a new purchase, selecting a guitar from the huge stock, and then trying it out and seeing whether it works for you. The shop is not just for guitarists, though, with a massive range of pianos, keyboards, other stringed instruments, as well as all the accessories you could ever need. If you lean towards the more electronic side of things, there is definitely enough to keep you occupied, from DJ equipment to MIDI controllers and anything you might need for home-recording. There really is no better place to just have a browse than a store with such a large selection as Dawson's, so plan your trip today.

Apex Music has two stores, with the Reading base being at 23 Harris Arcade, Reading Town Centre, Berkshire, RG1 1DN. The store has a focus on string instruments, with electric, acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars, basses, and amplifiers to power these. The guitars on offer are numerous, even going so far as to cater to the lefties among you, and have the reputation of being the best set-up in Reading, and the store then sets it up to your preference upon purchase. As well as these more conventional string instruments, the store offers a range of banjos, ukuleles and mandolins, for those of you wishing to enter the folk-pop genre that has recently taken off with the likes of Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers. If you already have an instrument but it has failed you for some reason,  Apex Music offers a full instrument repair service, restoring your gear to its former glory. The second-hand instruments are also in great condition at great prices, if you want quality but without the enormous cost. With a long line of great testimonials, Apex Music is a popular Reading choice for your instrumental needs.

Hickies is Reading's oldest established music store, and so you know they have a huge wealth of experience in dealing with instruments. All staff either play in bands themselves, or are specialists in various areas of instrument repair or maintenance, and so they can guarantee the best service. Hickies' stock is very diverse, from the expected guitars and drums to more traditional brass, woodwind and other orchestral instruments. The range within each of these categories is very wide, so whatever sort of sound you are after, you will be able to find an instrument to match here. The store also has many accessories for your instruments, as well as books and DVDs, and gift options for the musician in your life. Hickies offers an instrument repair service, as well as a rental service for their pianos, which, at £35 per month is very reasonable if you need a great quality set of keys for a short period of time. Having been established in 1864, the store is a firm favourite among Reading musicians, and if you are looking to buy a new instrument, or get started, pay Hickies a visit. 

Music Man Reading is a second-hand shop that offers all kinds of instruments, whether it is acoustic and electric guitars, or synthesisers. The shop's website is extensive, with long lists of ever-changing gear at very reasonable prices. Music Man is a great place to look for the beginner, as you will find pre-loved instruments at prices far below RRP, and instruments that are crucially worth more than that price. Even if you are more experienced, the store is a good place to check regularly, since you might find a bargain that will expand your musical range and give you a new kind of sound. The equipment on offer here extends beyond instruments, though, with effects pedals, amplifiers, and drum machines and samplers for the producers among you. The website only features a small fraction of the gear on offer, so be sure to head to 207 Oxford Road, City Centre, Reading, RG1 7PX to explore this treasure trove of great-priced instruments. Even if you are just looking around, you might find something you want from the collection of CDs, DVDs or LPs available.

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