Music Venues in Reading

Music Venues in Reading

Here at Singing Lessons Reading we encourage all our students to get out there and see some live music, as any experience of seeing performances will help you to become a better performer yourself. We have scoured the city for the most diverse range of venues, so why not pick one and make it the destination on your next night out.

The Hexagon Theatre opened in 1977, and is unique for its idiosyncratic shape, that of an "elongated hexagon". This is an interesting choice for the view that the audience can get of the performer, something that is great anywhere you are in the venue. It is even more interesting acoustically, as the venue was originally served by an electronically-assisted reverberation system that has since been removed. Since the venue is used for all kinds of entertainment, the acoustics have to be very versatile, and it appears that they are well suited to the music, as the reverberation rate is only 1 second, giving the music a very clear characteristic. Performers who have played in this unique venue include acts like Simple Minds, McFly, and Frank Turner, showing that all different kinds of music can be found here. The venue is not just for popular music, though, featuring an eclectic range of classical music, and musical theatre, that ensures the popularity of the venue with people of all possible tastes. 

Sub 89 is, as the name suggests, a rather subterranean venue that plays host to mainly underground acts, along with its popular club nights. Due to its size, the venue provides the ideal place for intimate gigs that aren't afraid to get a little wild. With acts like Babyshambles, Buzzcocks and Subfocus performing in recent years, you can expect the venue to be hot, sweaty, but an experience to remember. The venue opened in 2009, and the opening act was none other than Chase and Status, so you can be sure that they started as they meant to go on: with huge acts bringing down the house. Aside from these clearly big and popular acts, the venue is committed to showcasing the burgeoning local scene of Reading, and so expect to see open mic nights, gigs put on by up-and-coming acts, as well as local DJs giving the best that they can. It is fairly unusual for a venue to put on high-profile acts together with local musicians, so it's great to support somewhere that is independent enough to truly be able to appreciate and showcase the art. 

The Jazz Café, is, as its name suggests, the number one place for all-things jazz in the Reading area. As a café, its food is renowned for being something to write home about, while the soundtrack is provided by the best in UK jazz, as well as by DJs who know how to provide the ideal accompaniment to fine food. The Jazz Café has recently branched into Soul, Funk and RnB to expand their horizons into more upbeat and uplifting domains. The venue was opened in 1995, in the location of a 400-year-old bakery, that moonlighted as a live music venue, and has since moved into the present location in Reading. The atmosphere in the venue has been known to be second-to-none, with friendly patrons and employees, who all share a love of alternative music from the UK. The venue can be hired privately for parties with a difference, or you can just head down on any particular night to see what's on offer. The reputation of the Jazz Café basically ensures that you will not be disappointed, so be sure to check it out soon.

University of Reading Student Union is a venue connected with the university, and so you can expect a throng of students at all times, whether they are rocking to the latest headline act, or partying long into the night in the popular club nights that are put on. Past acts to have performed include Funeral for a Friend, for all your rock needs, as well as Wretch 32 if you are inclined towards pop-rap. As well as being a live music venue, the SU will also undoubtedly feature the many traditional club nights that are well-attended by students, and with Fresher's Week on the horizon, you can be sure to find many good nights here in the near future.  3sixty is the main venue in the SU, and has been voted one of the best Student Union venues in the country, as well as being the largest capacity venue in the city, so you can be sure to find larger acts here if the more alternative venues elsewhere don't take your fancy. With two large bars, and great sound and lighting equipment, whatever night to choose to go on, making the Student Union your first choice is sure to bring fun into the early hours.

Photography: Astrobobo

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