Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Reading

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Reading

At Singing Lessons Reading we encourage all our students to get involved in the making of music. Once you have written your songs, you will inevitably want to record them and distribute them to venues, labels, or just friends. To do this, we have given you a run down of the best studios in your area to give you the best possible results for your efforts.

Vamp Studios is located at 545 Oxford Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG30 1HJ, and offers a wide range of services, utilising their great amount of top-of-the-line equipment. Vamp offers standard recording, mixing, mastering and a great range of other services, like private tuition, sound design and experience days. Their rates are very reasonable, at £25 per hour, or £175 for a full day, that's 8 hours, plenty of time to get acquainted and get your ideas down. Mastering is £35 for a stereo track, so if you have the hard part down, and just need to be polished to perfection this is ideal. The equipment on offer is to die for, with monitors, microphones, and multiple computers giving you that digital efficiency that is crucial for ease of use. Vamp's website features a long line of satisfied customers, along with a really admirable ability to listen to samples of each artist's work so that you can truly hear exactly how professional or polished the studio will help your songs sound. Vamp is certainly a solid option to go for if you are thinking about recording that first album, why not give them a call and discuss your needs?

The Dog House Studio is a recording studio set in the picturesque countryside on the banks of the Thames. The village in which the studio is set borders Berkshire and Oxfordshire making it accessible from many different places. However, the studio is not just accessible, it is desirable, with recent clients including Noah and the Whale, Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, among many others. The studio features a large live room for quality drum acoustics, as well as two isolation booths for guitar and bass isolation giving you the ideal environment for recording each and every part. The equipment that the studio uses is not bad at all, with various plugins to aid the process and numerous bits of high-quality gear for you to play if you want to add in, say, a piano track. The studio seems to be unique in that it also provides accommodation, to make your recording seem more like a holiday. With spacious rooms and great facilities, if you are planning a big stay and you live far out, you might want to consider this option. Aside from the bands already mentioned, the client's list looks like the musical equivalent of the Hollywood Hall of Fame, with Coldplay, the Damned, and even Rolf Harris employing Dog House's services.

Hookend Recording Studios is a recording studio near Oxfordshire, set in Hook End Manor, and was once owned by the legendary David Gilmour. He used the studio to record many parts of the band's album the 'Final Cut', while the inflatable pig famed for the cover of their album 'Animals' was stored here. Albums by the Cure and Manic Street Preachers were recorded here, and it is now owned by singer-songwriter Mark White. The studio is located at Hook End Manor, Checkendon, Reading, RG8 0UE, and to just look at the photos is inspiring. The enormous console has clearly been the focal point of many classic albums over the years, while even to be within the historic grounds of the studio would surely get those creative juices flowing. Since the studio is privately owned, information about prices and contacts is hard to come by, but we're sure if you dropped by a tour would be able to be given, and who knows, maybe you'll be the next to record a classic album under their enormous roof.

River Studios is a recording studio that also offers qualified vocal coaches, to really bring out the best in your voice so that you achieve the highest possible quality recording. The studio is renowned for singer-songwriters, with the ideal equipment for the solo vocalists to develop and put down their songs. However, the studio is also large and spacious enough for bands, and so don't be put off if you are a quintet and need somewhere to record your first album. The studio is large and controlled by experienced engineers, and has a never-ending list of equipment for you to play around with and get the best possible sound. The studios also have four fully-equipped rehearsal rooms for you to work on your ideas in full comfort, with no pressure. Each of these rooms has a PA, vocal microphones, a drum kit and guitar and bass amps. The testimonials for the studio are enough to sell it to you, with experienced professionals who know their way around a studio stating that this was one of the best they have worked at. Get in touch to discuss your options, or drop by for a rehearsal session to see how you feel creatively within the studio. 

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